New York, Washington (DC)
New York
October 2016
Columbus Day Parade

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Waiting for the start of the Columbus Day Parade
The first carriage The second carriage
The Columbus Citizens Foundation in Italian Colors
Marching girls Marching band
The Metropolitan Transport Authority with the Scots Marching Band
Italians with Maserati and Fiat
One band after the other
The IONA College Pipe Band from New Rochelle
The drummer boy and the drummer girl
A tourist sight-seeing bus and a carriage of IONA College
Police detectives? Italian Police officers
Not from Italy but from Hartford in Connecticut Some may be not of Italian descent
And now the escort of the motor cycle police gang
Looking more dangerous than the Hells Angels They are followed and watched by a police car
Followed by the Italian American Police Society And now comes the Fire Department
Some standard bearer intermingled in between
Are these two guys firefighters? Or this cute dog?
Here they come: The real fire fighters
Here they come: The real fire engines
Of the FDNY The Fire Department of New York

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Created December 2016