Coco Beach, Northern Luzon
September - October 2008
Part II - Pagudpud

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I have often read about Pagudpud having one of the best beaches in Northern Luzon, so I wanted to find out whether it was true. We rented a car with driver for 36 Euro to go directly from the Fort Ilocandia Resort to Pagudpud instead of having to use three different means of transport, thus we made the 85km in one instead of probably almost three hours. Arriving in Pagudpud we continued directly to the
Saud Beach Resort
Saud, Pagudpud
Ilocos Norte
Tel.: 0920-270-6075
which was listed in my guide book as also the best resort. I called to inquire about available accommodation during our ride. There was plenty and no need for reservation I was told, but at the gate we were asked by the guard whether we have made reservation and he really had it verified with the reception over the intercom before he let us in. So it seemed to be a special and safe place. But it only seemed, because everybody could enter their premises from the beach anyway.

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The Saud Beach Resort reception and this is our accommodation
Yes, it was the best resort on a beautiful beach. And we also took the best and most expensive room available, which was the beachside honeymoon suite with bathtub, fridge, TV for 62 Euro (not much of a difference to the cheapest room facing the backyard for 54 Euro). What the heck, we are on a luxury trip anyway. And it was a place for honeymooners again.
Nice landscape in front and the fantastic beach behind
The beach was white and clean and empty, not obstructed by any shacks or settlements up north from our resort. The water of the sea was crystal clear except for the surf swirling sand around. The following pictures will give you an impression about this South Pacific idyll.
Unspoiled till the northern end and with palm trees holding on
Withstanding any typhoon and surviving any climbing baboon
Waves trying to attack high rocks but palmtrees are save up here
The tranquility was soothing and the environment relaxing, nobody else was around. There was only a birthday party going on one evening where we also had been invited to share their local food, like Bagnet, some kind of roasted pork legs. The restaurant was built in an indigenous style, the food was good (and not expensive in comparison to the accommodation), and the staff was very friendly.
Better to relax in a comfortable hammock instead of sitting on a natural chair
You better skip the following picture series (if you are not going on a honeymoon). It's actually not part of a travel report but just of my personal memory album. Though, there are no photos of our honeymoon suite bath tub session while drinking a bottle of red wine. No "Sex on the Beach" cocktail but the real one would have been another option on the even more secluded beach up north (and not as dangerous as in Dubai, where a couple did get a six years jail sentence for just doing that, but were eventually set free).
Another choice is sitting on the beach and getting buried on the beach
Then getting up from the dead but it's hard the sand to shed
Crawling like a turtle to the sea then reaching the water as you can see
Why should I be different also raising from the dead
Like a phoenix from the ashes and flying towards the sea
Getting hot on the beach cooling off in the water
Daring the strong waves may swirl you around
After fighting the waves back on the safe beach
We also walked around a lot to inspect the southern sandy beach, which didn't reach far. Besides, it was aligned with some modest resorts and simple restaurants, local settlements with some souvenir outlets.
Southern part of the beach preferred mainly by local folks
One spot was a little bit crowded where the rest was almost empty
Because it was more convenient to reach all beach facilities
And here the sandy beach ended. Farther down was only rocky coast, but clustered with all kinds of resorts and restaurants. One of them was the Terrarika with no beach in front but with the best view to the white beach, though.

If you are not like a Saudi and can't afford the Saud Beach Resort, then you can get the cheapest room for 18 Euro at the
Villa del Mar Ivory Beach Resort
Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
Tel.: 0919-899-5673
which also has beach cottages, but then also more expensive. So does the Apo Idon, which offers room starting from 60 Euro, but some with discounted rates of 36 Euro (generally, all accommodations in Pagudpud are overpriced in comparison to other places).

Beside the restaurant in our resort, I also recommend a restaurant right on the coast with good food, cheap drinks and friendly waitresses at the
Evangeline Beach Resort
Burayoc Pt., Pagudpud
Ilocos Norte
Tel.: 0918-482-1736
with a nice sitting area and a view to the sea, where we also ate dinner (very good: Pinakbet with Bagnet for 3 Euro).
And close to restaurants with no beach
But with a rugged waterfront A nice house but no beach in front
The atmosphere on the beach just before sunset is really some experience. Fishermen rowing out into the sea standing on their small rafts and trying to catch fish. If you are lucky you will see a swarm of birds flying over the sky illuminated by the colorful light of the sun disappearing behind the horizon.
Man standing on a raft fishing during sunset
A swarm of birds flying during sunset
It was not easy to leave the wonderful beach at Pagudpud behind but it was an easy ride back to Laoag. We ordered a trike (tricycle motor bike) at the resort and just arrived at the main square bus terminal five minutes before the bus left Pagudpud, though it took a little more than two hours to cover a distance of 75km to get to Laoag (and the fare was only two Euros).
Town Hall in Pagudpud Our bus to Laoag

Ok, that was Pagudpud, I will always remember.

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